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Atrak Brand
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Atrak Brand

Atrak Brand

Visual Identity

One of the biggest challenges for us, before defining and solving a problem in the design process, is moving from traditional and conservative values to new approaches and perspectives and preserving a brand's heritage and identity over the years.

In the Atrak design process, we tried to strike a balance by maintaining the interactions between the traditional structure of Atrak brand board thinking and today's creative strategies. But over and over again, as our studio progressed, the brand owners put obstacles in the way of the project and reiterated their previous, rudimentary views.

Unfortunately, the design of Atrak brand did not come to fruition, and we never succeeded in justifying the brand's managers that the needs of their marketing networks are very different in today's world.

All the designs of this brand eventually went in the wrong direction according to the opinions of the employers, and all the designs that you see here, except for the brand logo, are not what is available in the market.

Atrak Brand
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